Sunday, October 30, 2011

Transmission Tampa Repair Tips by Guy's Automotive

Transmission and clutch repairs are the types of services that most auto owners will eventually experience one time or another. Choosing an automotive transmission shop in Tampa, Florida that knows how to repair your vehicle is just as important as not being overcharged for the repairs needed. Before choosing an automotive transmission shop, you should do some digging on the type of shop you are taking your car to. Just a little homework on your repair shop like checking blogs, online reviews and BBB (Better Business Bureau) are a few ways to learn about a repair shop prior to taking your car in. Here are some pointers to help you decide which transmission shop in Tampa, Florida you should take your vehicle to. If you need a clutch replaced, make sure you are getting a new clutch kit or all the clutch parts such as clutch disc, pressure plate, throw out bearing and or pilot bearing. Purchasing replacement parts from wholesalers can save you money and can also spare from getting lemon parts. Some vehicles should also replace a clutch slave cylinder when applicable. If your automatic transmission breaks, use this as a guide: - If it is slipping, check the fluid. When the engine RPM's (rotation per minute) increases and the transmission takes longer than usual to shift gears or changes too soon, that’s when you know you have slippage in your transmission. - A noisy transmission system usually means your oil levels are low or you have a breakdown in the system’s internal mechanism. Take these signs seriously and have a mechanic look at it as soon as possible. - If the fluid is low, add recommended fluid to top it off and see if the slip goes away. If it does, you may have a simple transmission leak that needs to be repaired. Otherwise this usually means the automatic transmission probably needs to be rebuilt. - Transmission shops know the average costs of these repairs, but scammers can lure you with a low price but then you may still end up paying for “extra” repairs. You have to be cautious because these types of problems happen after the transmission is out of the car and disassembled. Many people feel they are stuck with whatever they are being told at this point and may spend far too much money on repairs that they should. Taking transmission repair needs for granted will result to more expensive repairs. Practice these tips and choose a trusted auto repair shop with positive consumer reviews on relevant websites.


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