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Transmission Tampa Repair Tips by Guy's Automotive

Transmission and clutch repairs are the types of services that most auto owners will eventually experience one time or another. Choosing an automotive transmission shop in Tampa, Florida that knows how to repair your vehicle is just as important as not being overcharged for the repairs needed. Before choosing an automotive transmission shop, you should do some digging on the type of shop you are taking your car to. Just a little homework on your repair shop like checking blogs, online reviews and BBB (Better Business Bureau) are a few ways to learn about a repair shop prior to taking your car in. Here are some pointers to help you decide which transmission shop in Tampa, Florida you should take your vehicle to. If you need a clutch replaced, make sure you are getting a new clutch kit or all the clutch parts such as clutch disc, pressure plate, throw out bearing and or pilot bearing. Purchasing replacement parts from wholesalers can save you money and can also spare from getting lemon parts. Some vehicles should also replace a clutch slave cylinder when applicable. If your automatic transmission breaks, use this as a guide: - If it is slipping, check the fluid. When the engine RPM's (rotation per minute) increases and the transmission takes longer than usual to shift gears or changes too soon, that’s when you know you have slippage in your transmission. - A noisy transmission system usually means your oil levels are low or you have a breakdown in the system’s internal mechanism. Take these signs seriously and have a mechanic look at it as soon as possible. - If the fluid is low, add recommended fluid to top it off and see if the slip goes away. If it does, you may have a simple transmission leak that needs to be repaired. Otherwise this usually means the automatic transmission probably needs to be rebuilt. - Transmission shops know the average costs of these repairs, but scammers can lure you with a low price but then you may still end up paying for “extra” repairs. You have to be cautious because these types of problems happen after the transmission is out of the car and disassembled. Many people feel they are stuck with whatever they are being told at this point and may spend far too much money on repairs that they should. Taking transmission repair needs for granted will result to more expensive repairs. Practice these tips and choose a trusted auto repair shop with positive consumer reviews on relevant websites.

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Small Cars Versus Big Cars, Which Cars are Safer by Guy's Automotive in Tampa Florida

Fuel economy can be crucial to your wallet with today’s economy. In European countries, the fuel economy cars are everywhere and gas is sold by the liter rather than by the gallon probably since the cars are very small and use much less juice than the cars in the United States. Many of these smaller economy- built cars are well manufactured and need only average repairs. So does this mean if you choose economy, do you sacrifice quality? Many people feel that the smaller the car, the less safe you are. Fact is that smaller cars are very well crash tested and do well in factory and government crash tests. But statistics show that larger cars still provide greater safety because its size alone lessens the damage of the driver and passengers. Fatalities in SUVs have risen in recent years but the numbers still show that these types of vehicles have the highest safety rates. Crash tests and numerous safety features have been added to small, fuel-efficient cars and these units have been very competitive in the market, mostly in Europe. Consumer behavior have also shown that despite the need to conserve money and energy of fuel, safety still ranks higher among the considerations for auto purchases in the US. The keys to a car's ability to keep you alive during a crash involve safety equipment, the vehicle's weight and its resistance to rollover. While small cars don't roll over easily, they lack weight and are less likely to have advanced safety features like stability control or full side curtain airbags. These are the very reasons why most Americans still prefer larger vehicles prefer large vehicles like pick-ups and SUVs despite soaring gas prices.

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So many BMW's so few BMW technicians by BMW Repair Tampa - Guy's Automotive

There are many types of BMW cars and suv's to choose from, but where do you get the BMW repaired properly in Tampa? is a great informational site on BMw repair in Tampa. Here is an article that shows the many types of BMW cars that there are for repairs.
It can be a difficult decision on where to take your BMW car when not taking the automobile to the auto dealer in Tampa. You should consider the dealer alternative and what the mechanics at the repair shop can do for you to save money on maintanence and automotive repairs. Geting repairs done properly should not be a chore. Do your homework and choose an automotive repair shop in Tampa that knows BMW repairs inside and out. Make sure that the computer diagnostic equipment is adequate for a BMW. Knowledge and experiance is key to sucess with your auto mechanic in Tampa.
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Auto Repair Tampa by Guy's Automotive

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Getting Your Auto Repair Tampa by Guy's Automotive

It's very important to make great choices when it comes to getting your auto repair in Tampa. There are few great sources of information to help you decide which auto repair place is right for you and your car. Just like a doctor should make you comfortable so should your mechanic. You should make sure they are using state of the art techniques and equipment that repair cars efficiently and effective. A great mechanic in Tampa is hard to find. Guy's Automotive has a few pointers to help you decide.

Many makes like Acura, Audi, BMW, Mini, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Toyota, Scion and Volkswagen get fixed, repaired or serviced at Guy's Automotive. Its up to you the customer to make the right choice!

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Engine Repair in Tampa Florida by Guy's Automotive

We have unleashed our EngineRepairTampa website and it is pheonominal! There is lots of information per each auto make and model to help you see what types of engines we work on. Visit this site and check out the different types of auto engine repairs that are performed daily at Guy's Automotive in Tampa and New Tampa Florida. Also you can see all of the different options you have when an engine replacement is needed.

Engine repair decisions can be difficult when the stress of cost factored with not being able to drive the car as well. EngineRepairTampa has all of the tools needed to set up an engine repair and even get a rental if needed. This website can help assist you with all types of engine repairs and other types of repairs.

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Manual and Auto Transmission Shop Selection Tips in Tampa - Guy's Automotive

In Tampa, transmission repair can be confusing. Transmission shops often mislead customers into thinking a repair is at a low price only to get them to agree and take the transmission apart and give a huge price. Many transmission shops in the Tampa Bay area do this to get customers instead of honestly telling a customer a price range they will probably be in. It is important to seek value, quality and honesty when selecting a auto transmission shop or mechanic in Tampa. As a consumer, you should always do your research and compare prices with the dealer and transmission shops so that you can see what price range your auto transmission rebuild or repair will be in.

Remember, different vehicles require different skill. Not all transmission repairs and rebuilds can be performed by all transmission shops. All transmission shops should be able to rebuild American transmissions such as GM, Chevy, Hummer, Dodge, Jeep, and Ford. Most transmission repair shops can rebuild the Asian transmissions like Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Nissan, Toyota, Scion, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Kia. Be more cautious with the European car makes like VW, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Volvo, and Mini Cooper because these transmission units are much more complex and not all transmission shops have the skill or equipment to properly rebuild or diagnose these transmissions.

A great Tampa transmission shop will have customers in Tampa, New Tampa, Carrollwood, Town n’ Country, Land o’ Lakes, Brandon, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Wesley Chapel, Dade City, New Port Richey, Riverview, Thonotosassa, Valrico, Lakeland, Plant City, Lutz, even Bradenton. Even better they also can provide complete automotive repair services, computer diagnostics, collision and body repairs, as well as transmission and engine services.

When your automatic or manual transmission breaks, you have to take your car to a repair shop that knows their transmissions. They should be able to repair your transmission, or rebuild the transmission if needed. The computerized diagnostics as well as trained mechanics can determine what types of repairs you will need on your transmission. A master re-builder on site is important as well as remanufactured transmissions with a cost savings to you. Your repair shop should also repair and perform transmission clutch work on worn out or sticking clutches including replacement with flywheel machining available. As a matter of a fact, they should be able to diagnose, replace parts, service or repair things like: clutches, differential, flywheel, input sensor, neutral safety switch, output sensor, planetary gear, shift solenoids, shifter, speed sensor, torque converter, transmission filter, transmission flush, transmission gaskets, transmission module, transmission rebuild, transmission seals, and valve body with ease.

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Dealer alternative Guy's Automotive in Tampa for AC, Brakes, Body Shop, Engines, Transmissions and more

Many customers believe that the best way to get your automotive repairs done right is at the auto dealer. There are several makes and models of cars that are much more sophisticated and require a lot of skill to do quality repairs such as Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Jaguar, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Mini, Volvo and more. Even makes like Volkswagen, Toyota, Scion, Nissan, GM, Ford, Dodge, and Honda can have difficult repairs that many auto repair shops in the Tampa Bay area can not repair properly. This can be frustrating as a consumer when facing a repair job not done correctly and ultimately costing much more that it should because they have to take their vehicle to another auto repair shop in Tampa or an automotive dealer in Tampa to get their auto repair done correctly and this can put a bad taste in the customer’s mouth about taking their car to a regular repair shop. Fortunately there is a dealer alternative that will save the customer lots of money on their auto repairs. Guy’s Automotive is the dealer alternative in the Tampa Bay area specializing in repairs like alternators, abs, auto ac, body work - collision repairs, brakes, catalyst converters, computer diagnostics, computer reprogramming, engine diagnostics - repairs - rebuild, exhaust, flushes, maintenance, oil changes, transmission diagnostics - repairs - rebuilds, timing belts, tires, water pumps, starters, and more. The difference between Guy’s Automotive and the auto dealer is the price. There is a much lower price at Guy’s Automotive than the car dealer but your car will get fixed correctly with the quality mechanics and equipment at Guy’s Automotive. Guy’s Automotive uses state of the art equipment and tools that meet or exceed the auto dealerships standards. This allows Guy’s Automotive to auto dealer repairs at a less price.

Auto AC is very important in Florida and in the Tampa Bay area. Having ice cold air is priceless in the hot summer heat here in Tampa. Many ac repairs consist of as hoses, ac compressors or ac evaporators. Some ac problems on automobiles is electrical or computerized. It takes a great mechanic or repair shop in Tampa to get your cars ac system working properly and a quality job is very necessary to have a lasting repair job. The mechanic shop must know a lot about automotive ac systems and the quality of the ac job depends on the skill of the auto shop as well as the management and the auto mechanics working on the car.

Auto brakes and ABS (anti lock brakes) are constantly an issue in the Tampa Bay area. Many shops often over price the brake job or under price the auto brake job by taking out the quality. ABS problems usually are indicated with a funny vibrating pedal or an ABS warning light requiring computer diagnostics. Brakes on an automobile must be done very carefully with the safety of the customer as well as the safety of others in mind. There should be only one standard when working on a cars brakes and this requires quality of the workmanship and the brake parts used in the repair. You must consider that not only does a quality brake job last a long time, but it will keep your car safe and save lives in case of an auto accident. You also need to understand the safety factor of having properly working ABS brakes, this safety system helps your car stop better and reduces accident costs and damage on your car and other cars which also helps keep everyone safe.

Body work and collision is a major factor to consider taking the car to the auto dealer. Fact is most people that take a wrecked car to the auto dealership only want one thing. They want their car repaired correctly and want the car to look like it is supposed to, the right way. You must consider this however, the quality of the job has to do with a few points. You must use the highest quality materials like paint, body fillers, and the basic materials like sandpaper and prep chemicals. Also, you must have skilled and trained body technicians that know how to repair cars safely and correctly. There are many auto training classes required to learn exactly how to put a wrecked car back together and make a car safe like new again. The skill of a great body man is priceless and having the right equipment and computerized equipment is the key to success with body work after a auto collision.

A fact of life is that somewhere down the road, your car will develop some kind of engine problem. Sometimes a computer diagnostic is all that is necessary. You may just have a bad alternator, timing belt, water pump, or some kind of electrical or exhaust system problem like a catalyst converter. In more severe cases you may need an engine replacement. No one wants to have these kind of problems and have a broken down car that is in need of auto repairs. In these situations auto repair costs can go up into the thousands especially at an automotive dealership. It makes perfect sense to save money and still get a quality auto repair job to go to the dealer alternative like Guy’s Automotive in Tampa and New Tampa Florida.

Transmission repairs in Tampa can range between hundreds and thousands of dollars and usually come up unexpected. Usually a car in need or transmission repair will all of a sudden have a transmission problem. When your automobile has a transmission problem, you know that transmissions on vehicles are very complex and may be afraid of getting a bad repair job at a local shop, so you may prefer a dealership to do those types of repairs on your car. Here again this is the perfect opportunity to save money with a dealer alternative like Guy’s Automotive in Tampa and New Tampa Florida. Specializing in auto transmission and manual transmission repairs in the Tampa Bay area, Guy’s Automotive repairs transmissions with ease on all cars and trucks.

Now that you have more of an understanding about different repairs that can be done by a dealer alternative, you have a whole other aspect to think about. Questions like can a dealer alternative like Guy’s Automotive in Tampa Florida work on my BMW or Mercedes Benz? A BMW is a very complex vehicle with many computers and everything must work together for the car to work properly. A Mercedes Benz is similar, but not the same as a BMW. Audi and Volkswagen actually have many computers as well and require special equipment and skills for computer diagnostics as well as maintenance reminders. Jaguar and Volvo are nothing alike even though they were both owned by Ford. Most auto repair shops can work on Ford, GM, and Dodge cars for the most part, but some types of problems even on these cars require special equipment and skills that most repair shops lack and this is why your repair costs may go up even higher than the dealer or dealer alternative with misdiagnoses and poor repair work. Even most import shops that work on Toyota, Lexus Scion, Nissan Infiniti, Honda Acura and other Asian cars lack the tools and equipment to do everything on these cars in which could ultimately result in misdiagnoses and poor repairs. On BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar and Volvo, just following a manufacturer maintenance schedule may be too difficult for the average repair shop due to the equipment and procedures necessary to perform services like oil changes and flushes or just resetting and setting up the next service in the automotive computer system on the vehicle. The bottom line is that if your car has a qualified mechanic and he is well trained with the proper tools, knowledge, and special equipment to work on your make whether it is a Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Jaguar, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Mini, Volkswagen, Toyota, Scion, Nissan, GM, Ford, Dodge, Honda or Volvo. It really doesn’t matter what the auto dealer charges, it matters what you actually pay and the quality of the auto repair job performed and that your car is driving properly so that you can use the money you saved to go shopping in Tampa or whatever else you can use the extra cash for.

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Evaluating the Benefits and Risks of Buying Used Car Parts

Article by Guy's Automotive

All vehicle owners wish that auto oil change is all that they will need to do aside from loading gas. The reality, however, is that any car or truck will sooner or later need auto repair or truck repair ranging from car transmissions system repair to truck engine repair and may even need truck and car parts replacement.

If cost is not an issue, everyone would always opt to buy brand new car parts from highly reputable sources such as AC Delco. Your automotive mechanic in Tampa will surely recommend it. In this time of crisis, though, motorists often want to find alternatives with lower prices. That is why used car parts have become very popular.

Benefits of Buying Used Car Parts

The primary benefit of buying used car parts is definitely lower cost, with average savings of about 55%. There are other benefits, as well.

For older vehicle models, the only way to get Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts is often through used car parts since the manufacture of parts for their vehicles have long since been discontinued. Nowadays, there is a wide network of used car parts dealers that can provide parts for practically any model of any car brand, no matter how old.

Buying used car parts also benefits the environment and everyone's future. Recycling car parts reduces solid waste generation and lightens the load on landfills. The decrease in demand for new parts lessens the mining and processing of natural resources used in production, saves on oil used in manufacturing and cuts down on air pollution and water pollution from the manufacturing process.

Risks of Buying Used Car Parts

The risk, however, is that you may get a dud. First of all, if you are not careful about your source, you may get fake car parts that are not really Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts. This can happen most especially if you just buy used parts from a roadside shack.

Another scenario would involve genuine car parts indeed, but parts that have undergone so much damage as to make them unreliable if functioning at all. These are often sold by unscrupulous junk yards or fly by night auto repair shops. You may be able to drive your car away but wait till you've driven it a few more miles and the problems begin to appear.

Even if warranties are given, you should read them thoroughly. Some warranties do not cover the return of your money but merely a replacement of the car part, and they may just continue replacing the parts with others of similarly substandard quality. You will be coming back to the shop again and again, wasting valuable time and effort.

Tips on Buying Used Car Parts

Your best bet, therefore, is to find a reputable and reliable dealer of used car parts. Choose one with a name that they will surely protect by ensuring the authenticity and quality of their products.

Such dealers also usually offer the best product and labor warranties at no additional cost, covering as much as three years with unlimited mileage. Of course, it is till your responsibility to read through all the fine print.

Have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) ready since this provides the dealer with your car's year, make, model and other vital information necessary for matching the car parts to your car.

If you have to buy used car parts make sure you have evaluated the benefits and risks thoroughly and that you have covered all bases in ensuring authenticity, quality and the assurance of a trustworthy warranty. With this, your vehicle will surely pass any auto inspection.

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Guy's Automotive has Two Locations Located in Tampa, Florida

Guy's Automotive has two locations located in Tampa Florida. This shop does auto body and collision repair as well as all types of auto repair. They offer all types of repairs and repair information on automotive catigories like: Air Bag Systems, Air Suspension, All General Repairs , All Minor Repairs, All Major Repairs, All Types of Electrical Shorts, Body Repairs, Body Systems, Electrical Troubleshooting, Electronic Steering, Front Suspension, Key Reprogramming, Oil Leaks, Oil Change Service, Radiators, Rear Suspension, Starters,Timing Belts , Theft Systems ,Traction Control Systems ,Windshield Replacment, A/C Air Conditioner Repair, ABS Antilock Brake Systems, Alternators, Brakes, Belts, Cooling Systems, Computer Diagnostics, Computer Reprogramming, Diagnostics, Engine Rebuild, Engine Replacement, Glass Replacement, Hoses, Power Brakes, Power Convertible Tops, Power Locks, Power Steering, Power Sunroofs, Power Windows, Transmission Rebuild, and Transmission Replacement. Their website has lots of information for the consumer to read that can help consumers keep their cars running longer in today's tough economic times.

The affiliates that Guy's Automotive has is remarkable. They use AC Delco, IATN, NAPA, World Pac, Carquest, Valvoline, NGK, Autolite, Remy, Motorcraft, Mopar, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Goodyear, Dayco, Echlin, Standard, Cardone, Akebono, Nipedenso, Denso and Bosch parts to repair cars. They have ASE certified and I-car certified technicians. It is important that technicians are certified since this shows that they are intelligant as well as hands on.

This shop is very versitle and can work on all makes and models of cars. Some of their specialties include working on makes like: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Porsche, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Smart, Volkswagen (VW), Volvo, Acura, Honda, Lexus, Scion, Totota, Nissan, Infiniti, Mitsubishi, Hyundia, Mazda, Suzuki, Cadillac, Chevrolet (Chevy), GM, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Dodge, Jeep, Plymouth, Chrysler, and Daewoo. Repairs are done properly and can be equivilant to a dealership repair. They body shop uses BASF paints as well as 3m products to ensure quality. All of which is very important to maintain vehicles properly.

The two locations of Guy's Automotive auto repair and body shop facilities are convenient to areas like: Tampa, Brandon, Riverview, Valrico, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Town n Country, Carollwood, South Tampa, Wesley Chapel, and Sefner. However, it is reported that customers come from places further away like St. Petersburg, Clearwater, New Port Richey, Lakeland, Bradenton, Sarasota, Brooksville and even Orlando.

In conclusion, this repair shop exceeds the typical repair shop expectations. Between the informational website and the variations in repairs, this shop sets the standards of auto repairs to a new high.

Engine Repair in Tampa Florida Tips by Guy's Automotive

What is the purpose of your car’s engine? Some people do not understand what your engine does not to mention how to properly maintain it. The engine of your vehicle is designed to be a power plant and mechanically or electrically produce power to your transmission to ultimately move your car down the street. Your accelerator pedal is the device that increases or decreases the power of your engine and this is what moves your car. Proper maintenance is required to keep your engine lasting the longest it can on your vehicle. Understanding how to take care of your engine is key to your car lasting and your repair bills to stay low as possible.

Maintenance is composed of services to your engine like oil change service, coolant flushes, tune-ups, filters, and a computerized check system. Oil service should be done to keep the mechanical parts of your engine from prematurely failing and this prolongs the life of a gasoline or diesel type of engine. Coolant flushes help keep the cooling system like the water pump, hoses, radiator, heater core, and thermostat from failing and this is what keeps the temperature of your gasoline or diesel engine at a proper temperature. If your engine’s temperature is to low, you will spend lots of money on fuel. If your engine’s temperature gets to hot, this causes engine failure and repairs like engine replacement, cylinder head gasket or cylinder head replacement, as well as the cause of the failure such as a cooling system component like a radiator or a water pump. Tune-ups keep your engine running smoothly as does the filters and computerized components.

Oil and coolant leaks can not be ignored. Oil can leak out or your engine from things like a broken oil pan, faulty gaskets, faulty seals, valve cover, oil filter, and timing cover. Coolant leaks from things like water pumps, hoses, radiator, heater core, manifolds, and freeze plugs. When parts to your engine leak, you run a high risk of overheating or starving the engine for oil pressure which either can lead to the engine failing.

Now most people notice noises on a car like the tires, engine, exhaust system, wheels, transmission, belts, steering and suspension, this can be the first indicator of an engine problem. The best thing you can do is to take very special attention to the way your automobile sounds and performs. Any sound that doesn’t sound the same or normal can be the first indicator of an engine, tire, or anything else that may be starting to break down. In some instances, getting the car to the repair shop could help save you money or keep you safe if your car was about to break. Most engines failures will occur when sounds are ignored and the owner keeps driving the car.

If you need your strange car noises listened to, check out Guy’s Automotive. Their ASE engine technicians can listen to your sounds and determine if it is your tires, engine, transmission, exhaust, or anything else it may be. Guy’s Automotive also has 2 locations in the Tampa Bay area to help better serve you.

Transmission Repair or Replacement Decisions

Automatic automatic transmission failure is a common occurrence on many types of cars. Several manufactures have unique types of problems when an automatic automatic transmission is failing. For example, Honda 5 speed automatic transmissions usually fail in the same groups of problems such as a broken third gear snap ring, Jaguar 5 speed automatic transmissions go through a lot of automatic transmission solenoid packs, BMW and Mercedes have lifetime fluid, but they are built just like all the other makes so they will eventually slip and need clutches and or electronic parts.

Servicing your automatic automatic transmission is a preventative way to keep your automatic transmission at its optimum life. Most makes will start slipping after a high amount of miles are put on the car. Even with a lifetime fluid, you are better off keeping your fluids changed and preferably with a automatic transmission fluid flush machine that will or like a dialysis machine and remove all of the old automatic automatic transmission fluid and replace it with fresh new automatic automatic transmission fluid. Also replacing the automatic transmission filter when applicable is a very good way to ensure a long lifetime for your makes automatic transmission to last.

When you experience a automatic transmission problem, don’t drive the car while it is messing up. You should have your car towed to the repair shop as soon as you experience an automatic automatic transmission problem. Driving the car with a automatic transmission problem can and will increase the cost of repairing a automatic transmission. Some people think you can just drive home, or just drive 3 mole miles. This can cause more damage to the automatic transmission by damaging steels, pistons, planetary gears, automatic transmission pumps, sprags, differentials, and can put metal shavings through the entire fluid stream of the automatic transmission which can cause electronic parts to fail as well.

When a automatic transmission leaks, it should be serviced promptly. Driving a car with low engine oil will obviously ruin an engine and most people can relate to this. Driving a automatic transmission in need of a leak to be serviced can cause the automatic transmission to fail just the same. A automatic transmission requires fluid to keep clutches applied as well as shifting the automatic transmission. If the fluid is low, the automatic transmission may not shift properly, or it may slip which immediately starts ruining the clutches inside the automatic automatic transmission. Slipping clutches and low fluid can cause a automatic transmission to even overheat and completely ruin the unit.

Using the correct automatic transmission fluid is vital. Audi and Volkswagens use their own types of fluids. BMW, Mini, Mercedes, Jaguar, Saab, Volvo, Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Acura, Honda and even the American cars like Chevrolet, Ford, Hummer, Chrysler and Jeep all have specifications in their fluids that must be used to be compatible with the electronic parts, seals and clutches inside the automatic transmission. If you improperly add the wrong fluid to the automatic transmission, you may shorten the life or immediately ruin the automatic automatic transmission.

Replace your automatic transmission or rebuild when a automatic transmission fails? Which should you do. Replace a automatic transmission means go to the dealer and buy a new automatic transmission, or get one from a used parts salvage yard. Rebuild the automatic transmission means to remove your automatic transmission and replace the parts specifically designed to wear out as well as examine the parts that are not supposed to wear out. All of which the automatic transmission re-builder has to have knowledge of how and what to check inside the automatic transmission like a surgeon does. When the automatic transmission is rebuilt, most manufacturers recognize specific problems with their units and require updates to correct their mistakes from the factory. This will help prolong the life of your rebuild automatic transmission and should always be preformed when required. If a automatic transmission is built correctly, it will last as long as a new one.

Automatic transmission computer problems can destroy a automatic transmission. Some cars like the Toyota Rav4, Lexus RX300, Jaguar 5 and 6 speed automatic transmissions, Chrysler and GM to just name a few can destroy a automatic transmission by applying two gears at one time which will bind up the automatic transmission and cause a hard part failure. I some cases the manufacturer will recall the computer and require a new computer to be installed and reprogrammed. In other cases, you will find out when the automatic transmission re-builder disassembles the automatic transmission and he realizes the unit binded up. If the computer is not replaced in these cases the automatic transmission will fail just the same as it did. Unfortunately, there is no machine that can tell these types of problems, only experience can. The actual circuits inside the automatic transmission fail and even though the computer is trying to shift, the circuits will do something else.

Taking your automatic transmission repair and or service to a quality shop should be a priority. Guy’s Automotive in Tampa Florida has been doing auto repair, automotive repair technician work, automatic transmission repair, and even body work for over 15 years.

by Guy's Automotive
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Repair Brakes Keep You Safe by Guy's Automotive Tampa

Driving your car until your brakes are bad or out is not a very safe idea. In the automobile business, many people are seen bringing in a car with the brakes worn all of the way out. Not only is this unsafe to all of the drivers on the road, it is also a much more expensive repair bill to the driver as well. Following a few pointers should help safe you money and keep everyone on the road as safe as possible.

Keep your car well maintained. If you get regular oil changes on your car, make sure the mechanics working on your car are inspecting the overall car at the same time. Not all oil change shops will inspect your car and this is the main way to have your car and brakes inspected. When the brakes are inspected, you can always ask the percentage of pads or shoes left and that will help you keep track of your vehicle’s brakes.

Get an inspection when any car repairs are performed. If you have a mechanic working on your car, you should make sure he is the type of mechanic that will inspect your car. Developing this kind of relationship with your repair shop will help keep your car running optimal and safe.

Listening and feeling the way your car is driving and running. Pads, rotors, drums, shoes, springs, calipers, master cylinders and wheel cylinders will always give you some kind of change in your car’s sound and feel. If you hear squeaks or grinding sounds, or your brake pedal is sinking or vibrating, or the steering wheel vibrates while applying your brakes, you may be already experiencing an unsafe problem that would need to be looked at by a professional automotive technician.

When getting your brakes inspected have them inspect your pads, rotors, drums, shoes, springs, calipers, master cylinders and wheel cylinders. It is important to have all of these items inspected during an inspection or a brake repair. This will indeed insure your safety and everyone else on and around the road as well.

Use quality brake pads and parts. Not all pads and shoes safe the same. Some are cheaper and some are better. Not all expensive pads are the better choice as well. Make sure your vehicle’s technician / repair shop uses what is best for your car, not what is cheaper for you. You should always prefer new over remanufactured parts if and when possible.

Just remember that everyone should stay safe and keeping your car’s brakes repaired properly will help you do your part in keeping everyone safe.

by Guy's Automotive
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Doubling Your Boot Space With Mercedes Audi Volkswagen Jaguar Or BMW Roof Bars

Doubling Your Boot Space With Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Jaguar Or BMW Roof Bars by Dominic Donaldson

Cars, they are generally the chosen method of transport for the masses, if you don't drive or own one yourself then you probably use someone else's car as a passenger on a regular occurrence. They are resourceful and powerful and allow us to explore regions which might be unavailable to us normally. However, they are far from perfect. Most modern cars are built for comfort rather than usability, and this can become a problem when people what to start travelling around and transporting products as most modern cars have little usable boot space.

Thankfully, manufacturers have come up with other ingenious ways for you to carry products on your car. One of the places manufacturers have been making space for people to store and transport items is on the roof of the cars. If you own a car from Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Jaguar or BMW, roof bars are generally fitted to the car as standard.

Through the use of these Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Jaguar or BMW roof bars, owners will be able to fit a number of accessories that will enable them to transport a whole array of products from one location to another. For instance if you are planning a holiday where there are some nice bicycle routes, you could use your BMW roof bars to fit the bicycle rack and take your own bicycles with you.

Of course this isn't the only reason why you should utilise your Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Jaguar or BMW roof bars, if you have children and you plan to holiday somewhere in the United Kingdom, then it would be beneficial to have some extra space that you could utilise to transport all of the luggage that you might need. Simply by utilising your Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Jaguar or BMW roof bars to fit a roof box, you can double or in some cases triple the amount of storage space that you have.

Cars constantly seem to be in the news for the wrong reasons, with everyone claiming that the automobile is the main cause behind the global warming and pollution levels. However, we need to remember that we would struggle to get through our day to day lives without the use of the automobile. There are currently engineers constantly working on ways to improve and clean up the amount of pollution being emitted from exhausts and I'm sure that with a little investment we will all be able to utilise the car for generations into the future.

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