Thursday, March 24, 2011

Repair Brakes Keep You Safe by Guy's Automotive Tampa

Driving your car until your brakes are bad or out is not a very safe idea. In the automobile business, many people are seen bringing in a car with the brakes worn all of the way out. Not only is this unsafe to all of the drivers on the road, it is also a much more expensive repair bill to the driver as well. Following a few pointers should help safe you money and keep everyone on the road as safe as possible.

Keep your car well maintained. If you get regular oil changes on your car, make sure the mechanics working on your car are inspecting the overall car at the same time. Not all oil change shops will inspect your car and this is the main way to have your car and brakes inspected. When the brakes are inspected, you can always ask the percentage of pads or shoes left and that will help you keep track of your vehicle’s brakes.

Get an inspection when any car repairs are performed. If you have a mechanic working on your car, you should make sure he is the type of mechanic that will inspect your car. Developing this kind of relationship with your repair shop will help keep your car running optimal and safe.

Listening and feeling the way your car is driving and running. Pads, rotors, drums, shoes, springs, calipers, master cylinders and wheel cylinders will always give you some kind of change in your car’s sound and feel. If you hear squeaks or grinding sounds, or your brake pedal is sinking or vibrating, or the steering wheel vibrates while applying your brakes, you may be already experiencing an unsafe problem that would need to be looked at by a professional automotive technician.

When getting your brakes inspected have them inspect your pads, rotors, drums, shoes, springs, calipers, master cylinders and wheel cylinders. It is important to have all of these items inspected during an inspection or a brake repair. This will indeed insure your safety and everyone else on and around the road as well.

Use quality brake pads and parts. Not all pads and shoes safe the same. Some are cheaper and some are better. Not all expensive pads are the better choice as well. Make sure your vehicle’s technician / repair shop uses what is best for your car, not what is cheaper for you. You should always prefer new over remanufactured parts if and when possible.

Just remember that everyone should stay safe and keeping your car’s brakes repaired properly will help you do your part in keeping everyone safe.

by Guy's Automotive
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