Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Guy's Automotive Article on - Keeping Your Old Car or Replacing Your Car This Tax Year Tips

Getting through tax season usually includes making sure your car is going to make it through the year. Some people will fix up there car so it will last another year while others just get another car. Many people may not understand how important this decision may be for the year to come. This decision should not be taken lightly since it will affect the entire year. You should weigh the decision carefully to make the right choice for your car.

People ask us questions like:
Can we give them a tune up?
Do we work on the  transmissions?
Can we perform a brake service?
Where is a body shop near me?

See full article at: http://guysautomotive.com/news/2012/02/keeping-your-old-car-or-replacing-your-car-this-tax-year-tips/
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