Monday, October 24, 2011

Small Cars Versus Big Cars, Which Cars are Safer by Guy's Automotive in Tampa Florida

Fuel economy can be crucial to your wallet with today’s economy. In European countries, the fuel economy cars are everywhere and gas is sold by the liter rather than by the gallon probably since the cars are very small and use much less juice than the cars in the United States. Many of these smaller economy- built cars are well manufactured and need only average repairs. So does this mean if you choose economy, do you sacrifice quality? Many people feel that the smaller the car, the less safe you are. Fact is that smaller cars are very well crash tested and do well in factory and government crash tests. But statistics show that larger cars still provide greater safety because its size alone lessens the damage of the driver and passengers. Fatalities in SUVs have risen in recent years but the numbers still show that these types of vehicles have the highest safety rates. Crash tests and numerous safety features have been added to small, fuel-efficient cars and these units have been very competitive in the market, mostly in Europe. Consumer behavior have also shown that despite the need to conserve money and energy of fuel, safety still ranks higher among the considerations for auto purchases in the US. The keys to a car's ability to keep you alive during a crash involve safety equipment, the vehicle's weight and its resistance to rollover. While small cars don't roll over easily, they lack weight and are less likely to have advanced safety features like stability control or full side curtain airbags. These are the very reasons why most Americans still prefer larger vehicles prefer large vehicles like pick-ups and SUVs despite soaring gas prices.

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