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Visiting Guy's Automotive for auto repair in Tampa

There are so many things that can go wrong with your car. The brakes may fail to function properly. The transmission may fail. The engine might refuse to start. May be you have been in a car accident, have filed your car insurance claim and the car needs to be repaired. When you find yourself in such circumstances, you can visit Guys Automotive, Tampa for your auto repair. The more that you know about your vehicle is the more you are likely to be able to head off its repair problems. You may detect several usual problems through the use of your senses. You can see the condition of the vehicle, hear strange noises, feel the different way your vehicle handles and notice unusual odors. There are many symptoms to indicate trouble with your car. When you detect them, the best thing is to head to auto repair, Tampa so that the professionals may handle those symptoms. Difficult handling, vibration and poor performance and rough ride are just part of those symptoms that indicate trouble. The following are part of the problems that Guys Automotive, Tampa will handle: Steering Worn steering components or/and misaligned front wheels, like the ball or idler joint, may cause difficulty in steering in a straight line. The other problem may be the vehicle’s propensity to steer to the right or left. This may be caused by something as normal as under-inflated tires, or something serious like damaged or misaligned front end. In this case, auto repair Tampa will handle the problem. Ride and Handling Worn shock absorbers, or any other suspension component as well as improper tire inflation may contribute to poor cornering. This may prove to be dangerous. Whereas there’s no fast and hard rule about when you can replace the shock absorbers or struts, you may try this test: you bounce the car up and down, hard at each wheel, and then let go. You then check the number of times the car bounces. Weak shocks are going to let the vehicle twice or more. This is when you can take your vehicle to auto repair Tampa for the shock absorber to be repaired or replaced. Brakes Several symptoms indicate brake problems and when you experience these, you should schedule an appointment with auto repair Tampa. The symptoms are: · The car pulls to one side if the brakes are applied · When the pressure is maintained, brake pedal sinks to the floor · You feel or hear grinding or shaking during braking · The “brake” light on instrument panel is lit Engine Engine problem also has several symptoms. You should get a diagnosis and schedule repair when you experience these: · Difficulty when starting the engine · Rough stalling or idling · The “check engine” light on instrument panel is lit · Poor acceleration · Poor economy of fuel · Excessive use of oil · After the key is removed, the engine keeps running Transmission Poor performance of transmission might come from normal component failure or some simple disconnected hose, or plugged filter. Ensure your technician first checks the simple items. Transmission repairs are normally expensive. Among the most common transmission problem symptoms include: · Hard or sudden shifts between gears · No or delayed response if shifting gears from neutral to reverse or drive · Failure to shift during usual acceleration · Slippage during acceleration. Engine will speed up, though the vehicle doesn’t respond The above are some of the common problems that might occur to your car. When you experience them, your auto repair Tampa will come in handy. For more information, you can visit

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Americans Are Hanging on to Old Cars - Auto Repairs in Tampa by Guy's Automotive

Americans are continuing a growing trend; a trend we are seeing is especially at a high here in the Auto Repair industry in Tampa.  Everyday people in Tampa and across the nation are making the choice the keep their vehicles and repair them opposed to buying new vehicles. In fact the nation hit a record all-time high in Feb 2012, with people keeping their vehicles a surprising 10.8 years.

With unemployment continuing to be high people simply cannot afford to buy new vehicles, they can’t afford car payments, they don’t have the qualifications to get a new loan so they are holding on to vehicles as long as possible. Many owners of auto repair shops in Tampa are seeing mileage on cars at record highs with it not being uncommon to see a vehicle with 250,000 miles on it.

To keep a vehicle for a good ten years it’s important to continually keep up on the vehicles maintenance. Auto repair shops in Tampa all agree it’s essential to keep up on oil changes, fluid exchanges, air filters, fuel filters, belt replacement, timing belt maintenance, including water pumps and seals. The experts doing auto repair in Tampa agree that is you keep good maintenance on your vehicle the car will last you a long time with no major issues. Of course there are also wearable things that go bad such as the brakes, fuel pumps, starters, alternators, luckily none of these things costs nearly as much as purchasing a new vehicle making it the easy choice to just repair the vehicle and hold on to the car as long as possible.

Ford, GM, Chrysler, and even Nissan are reporting sales are down as people continue to hold on to their vehicle. Imagine your vehicle breaks down, you tow It to a local auto repair shop in Tampa and they say you need a new engine, the car is 8 years old, has 180,000 miles on it, at this point you can either do a engine replacement and spend anywhere from approximately $1500 to $3000 on a used engine, you could do a long block and spend a little more, or you buy a new vehicle. In this economy $3000 is a lot of money but it’s much cheaper than buying a new car, $3000 which is considered a very big car repair is about the same as making 6 car payments but then imagine this repair gets you another 180,000 miles over 8 years. Seems like the more logical choice to many in Tampa as well as across our country.
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Guy's Automotive Article on - Keeping Your Old Car or Replacing Your Car This Tax Year Tips

Getting through tax season usually includes making sure your car is going to make it through the year. Some people will fix up there car so it will last another year while others just get another car. Many people may not understand how important this decision may be for the year to come. This decision should not be taken lightly since it will affect the entire year. You should weigh the decision carefully to make the right choice for your car.

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Transmission Tampa Repair Tips by Guy's Automotive

Transmission and clutch repairs are the types of services that most auto owners will eventually experience one time or another. Choosing an automotive transmission shop in Tampa, Florida that knows how to repair your vehicle is just as important as not being overcharged for the repairs needed. Before choosing an automotive transmission shop, you should do some digging on the type of shop you are taking your car to. Just a little homework on your repair shop like checking blogs, online reviews and BBB (Better Business Bureau) are a few ways to learn about a repair shop prior to taking your car in. Here are some pointers to help you decide which transmission shop in Tampa, Florida you should take your vehicle to. If you need a clutch replaced, make sure you are getting a new clutch kit or all the clutch parts such as clutch disc, pressure plate, throw out bearing and or pilot bearing. Purchasing replacement parts from wholesalers can save you money and can also spare from getting lemon parts. Some vehicles should also replace a clutch slave cylinder when applicable. If your automatic transmission breaks, use this as a guide: - If it is slipping, check the fluid. When the engine RPM's (rotation per minute) increases and the transmission takes longer than usual to shift gears or changes too soon, that’s when you know you have slippage in your transmission. - A noisy transmission system usually means your oil levels are low or you have a breakdown in the system’s internal mechanism. Take these signs seriously and have a mechanic look at it as soon as possible. - If the fluid is low, add recommended fluid to top it off and see if the slip goes away. If it does, you may have a simple transmission leak that needs to be repaired. Otherwise this usually means the automatic transmission probably needs to be rebuilt. - Transmission shops know the average costs of these repairs, but scammers can lure you with a low price but then you may still end up paying for “extra” repairs. You have to be cautious because these types of problems happen after the transmission is out of the car and disassembled. Many people feel they are stuck with whatever they are being told at this point and may spend far too much money on repairs that they should. Taking transmission repair needs for granted will result to more expensive repairs. Practice these tips and choose a trusted auto repair shop with positive consumer reviews on relevant websites.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Small Cars Versus Big Cars, Which Cars are Safer by Guy's Automotive in Tampa Florida

Fuel economy can be crucial to your wallet with today’s economy. In European countries, the fuel economy cars are everywhere and gas is sold by the liter rather than by the gallon probably since the cars are very small and use much less juice than the cars in the United States. Many of these smaller economy- built cars are well manufactured and need only average repairs. So does this mean if you choose economy, do you sacrifice quality? Many people feel that the smaller the car, the less safe you are. Fact is that smaller cars are very well crash tested and do well in factory and government crash tests. But statistics show that larger cars still provide greater safety because its size alone lessens the damage of the driver and passengers. Fatalities in SUVs have risen in recent years but the numbers still show that these types of vehicles have the highest safety rates. Crash tests and numerous safety features have been added to small, fuel-efficient cars and these units have been very competitive in the market, mostly in Europe. Consumer behavior have also shown that despite the need to conserve money and energy of fuel, safety still ranks higher among the considerations for auto purchases in the US. The keys to a car's ability to keep you alive during a crash involve safety equipment, the vehicle's weight and its resistance to rollover. While small cars don't roll over easily, they lack weight and are less likely to have advanced safety features like stability control or full side curtain airbags. These are the very reasons why most Americans still prefer larger vehicles prefer large vehicles like pick-ups and SUVs despite soaring gas prices.

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So many BMW's so few BMW technicians by BMW Repair Tampa - Guy's Automotive

There are many types of BMW cars and suv's to choose from, but where do you get the BMW repaired properly in Tampa? is a great informational site on BMw repair in Tampa. Here is an article that shows the many types of BMW cars that there are for repairs.
It can be a difficult decision on where to take your BMW car when not taking the automobile to the auto dealer in Tampa. You should consider the dealer alternative and what the mechanics at the repair shop can do for you to save money on maintanence and automotive repairs. Geting repairs done properly should not be a chore. Do your homework and choose an automotive repair shop in Tampa that knows BMW repairs inside and out. Make sure that the computer diagnostic equipment is adequate for a BMW. Knowledge and experiance is key to sucess with your auto mechanic in Tampa.
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